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St. Mary’s Church, Sangamner


In 1892 Father Weishaupt left Valan to found a new centre at Sangamner. During his stay in Valan he had been travelling about the country eastwards, to find a taluka in which there were no Protestant schools, but failed. In 1891, he gave this up, tried the west side with better success, and opened work in three villages half way to Sangamner, where he placed three masters drawn from the Kendel School. In July 1892 he reached Sangamner where he settled in a rented mud house in the town, rented another house for teachers and boarders, and got permission to use the municipal dharamsala or travellers’ rest?house as a school. Two more teachers brought from Valan tried to get children but in vain.


It wasn’t easy procuring some land in Sangamner but at last a site of ten acres was secured. The plot was on the east side well outside the town, across a branch river, and bordering on the great river. At Christmas 1895, construction of the building was commenced.


In 1896 Bishop Beider-Linden of Poona came to Sangamner to administer confirmation. Father Weishaupt who was alone, was now joined by Father Heim. In 1897 Father Heim was transferred to Valan and Father Kipp took his place at Sangamner. Then Father Weishaupt fell sick and had to be sent to Europe for a year leaving Father Kipp in charge. During this spell of absence Father Kipp carried on the work; built the church, the large school hall, and lodgings for masters, their families and orphans. By this time Father Weishaupt returned the whole work was finished.


During the ten years from 1892 to 1902 outlying villages were gradually added, a few each year. Sometimes, there were three Fathers, but generally two only, as most of them kept falling sick in turns and had to leave. Father Kipp himself, a powerful missionary, died in 1903 through plague contracted while attending the sick and handling them too closely.


Today the parish has many mass centers in villages near and far besides hostels for both boys and girls.



St. Mary’s Church, Jorve Road,
Sangamner 422 605, Dt. Ahmednagar
Tel (02425) 223067

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